Excess Foot Pronation


Excess foot pronation results in poor lower leg biomechanics, foot dysfunction, and potential pain.

Pronation refers to the movement of a body part rotating inwards,  and is often seen within the foot. With too much pronation, the arch flattens out and the ankle joint rolls inward excessively during the gait cycle.

Humans require a certain degree of pronation. However, excess pronation may lead to the following: shin pain, tired and aching feet, ankle, knee, hip and back pain.

To treat an excess pronation issue, it is essential to restore and support the foot’s normal arch and alignment, and this is usually done with a combination of custom made orthotics, and an appropriate stretching and/or strengthening program.

 At Macintosh Lower Limb Clinic we can use a combination of podiatry and physiotherapy to address pronation issues if they are causing a problem.

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